viernes, 6 de noviembre de 2015

My pets :DD

Right now I have one dog and two turtles.
I really like my dog it´s called Cototo because when she was a puppy my father run her over and she got a swollen stomach. I think that she is a little dumb and I think it was because of her accident. She grew up very well and is really lovely and playful. Right now I am a little woried about her because she has been a litle ill for almost two months but she still do everything like before so that is good.
And my turtles were a gift when I was six years old and they were so litle that my sister used to put them inside her mouth. Now they are bigger but they are boring because they don´t do anything they only sleep.
I almost got a new dog last week because a girl was giving a litle puppy that she find in the street and she couldn´t keep it because she was living in someone else house. I wanted to take the puppy so I call my mother to ask her but she didn´t want it because the dog was ill and could infect my other dog. And she still doesnt find a home for the puppy.

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  1. Hi Bug, sorry for Cototo, i hope she get better. About the turtles, i never have one, but I imagine that is very boring :( jajaj
    see you at elections Bug!