viernes, 13 de noviembre de 2015

CIPER a referent in the field

I think CIPER is the most famous site of investigation journalism in Chile. I think it´s because they do a serious and methodic work and because of that now they are considered a referent in the field. They have exposed a lot of important news like the Penta case and that have been the most important news this year.
I have read a lot of reports in their site and they do a great job. Right now the teachers of my old school are on strike because the school used the money for politics campaigns and they received money from the government and it is not clear from where the money from the campaigns came. That news was written by CIPER last year and it help the workers to organize themselves and ask for benefits for the school community.
Still there are some things that I don’t like of CIPER like they received money from COPESA so they don’t have a lot of independence like almost all of the newspaper and magazines in Chile.

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  1. Hi, Bug! I read Ciper sometimes, is the best journalism investigation website of Chile. Maybe the post are so big for read, but the information is very good. Congratulations for win the last elections. Bug to the Fech!! Haha. See you soon.