viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2015

A journey to the south

Last summer I went to the south with some friends. We get in to Chiloe but this year I would like to travel far than that and get to Austral Road and see the Patagonia. I have never went too far from home but I think and from the potos that i have seen that the Patagonia must be beautiful like the rest of Chilean south.
I have think about this trip and I would like to take a bus to Puerto Montt then cross to Chiloe, travel the island because I didnt get to know all of it and then cross back to the continent to Chaiten. From there go down stopping at the parks and towns so I can know them and not just pass by the outside of them or only stay for little hours.

The objective would be to get to Torres del Paine but they are too far away so I don`t really know how much time it would take but I don`t really care that much if dont get to know them because just travel will be great. There is only one problem and is that I dont have much money to travel so Ill need to find a job as soon as possible.
Good bye

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  1. Hi Bug! That's a very good experience. Chiloe is a amazing place! We could go together to Torres del Paine someday.