viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2015

A journey to the south

Last summer I went to the south with some friends. We get in to Chiloe but this year I would like to travel far than that and get to Austral Road and see the Patagonia. I have never went too far from home but I think and from the potos that i have seen that the Patagonia must be beautiful like the rest of Chilean south.
I have think about this trip and I would like to take a bus to Puerto Montt then cross to Chiloe, travel the island because I didnt get to know all of it and then cross back to the continent to Chaiten. From there go down stopping at the parks and towns so I can know them and not just pass by the outside of them or only stay for little hours.

The objective would be to get to Torres del Paine but they are too far away so I don`t really know how much time it would take but I don`t really care that much if dont get to know them because just travel will be great. There is only one problem and is that I dont have much money to travel so Ill need to find a job as soon as possible.
Good bye

viernes, 20 de noviembre de 2015

The time I almost become a famous drumer

I don´t know how to play any instrument but I really like to listen to music. The only time I try to learn was when I had like 6 or 8 years old and for Christmas my parents give a fake drum set it was only for play. So with my brother and my cousins who knew how to play guitar we try to made a band and one of my cousins invented a song about travelling in a train that was really bad and I only had to make the rhythm by hitting one of the two drums that had my set and my brother who play the guitar didn´t had to play any real note and my cousin was the singer. We practice the song for one day and we show it to our parents. That is the only time that I tried to play music but my brother and my cousin learn how to play guitar.
For my cousin music is the most important thing he made a real band in school and he won the “Pepsi al maximo” competition and he got to record a song and made a videoclip. Then he started to study Arts but he dropped because he wanted to dedicate more time for his band that is call Amarga Marga he plays the guitar and sings. Since then he have learn a lot. He plays almost every weekend in some bar or underground shows. Last year he record an Ep and now he is making an album.

I think his music is very good and I don´t say it just because he is my cousin. This is one of his songs. They made this video like two months ago in his house.

viernes, 13 de noviembre de 2015

Star Wars is the best thing in the universe

I like a lot of movies. When I was in school and had more time for myself I used to watch like 2 or 3 movies in a week sometimes more. And I watched every kind of movie even borings one. In that time I wanted to study cinema but then I choose journalism because I thought I could had a better job and write about movies.
One of my favorites movies is Star Wars I like the old ones and the new ones and right now I am very impacient for the new movies that are going to be released and the saga will be finish for ever. This year I have lost a lot of time reading and watching videos about the movie that will be released this year in December.
This new movie is call the Force Awakens and I am sure it is going to be great because it has the original actors in it like Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher. 

CIPER a referent in the field

I think CIPER is the most famous site of investigation journalism in Chile. I think it´s because they do a serious and methodic work and because of that now they are considered a referent in the field. They have exposed a lot of important news like the Penta case and that have been the most important news this year.
I have read a lot of reports in their site and they do a great job. Right now the teachers of my old school are on strike because the school used the money for politics campaigns and they received money from the government and it is not clear from where the money from the campaigns came. That news was written by CIPER last year and it help the workers to organize themselves and ask for benefits for the school community.
Still there are some things that I don’t like of CIPER like they received money from COPESA so they don’t have a lot of independence like almost all of the newspaper and magazines in Chile.

viernes, 6 de noviembre de 2015

My pets :DD

Right now I have one dog and two turtles.
I really like my dog it´s called Cototo because when she was a puppy my father run her over and she got a swollen stomach. I think that she is a little dumb and I think it was because of her accident. She grew up very well and is really lovely and playful. Right now I am a little woried about her because she has been a litle ill for almost two months but she still do everything like before so that is good.
And my turtles were a gift when I was six years old and they were so litle that my sister used to put them inside her mouth. Now they are bigger but they are boring because they don´t do anything they only sleep.
I almost got a new dog last week because a girl was giving a litle puppy that she find in the street and she couldn´t keep it because she was living in someone else house. I wanted to take the puppy so I call my mother to ask her but she didn´t want it because the dog was ill and could infect my other dog. And she still doesnt find a home for the puppy.

viernes, 9 de octubre de 2015

My old ipod

My favorite piece of technology is my very old ipod. My parents give it to me years ago when I was in school.
I like it very much because I can hear the music I like when I want to. I remember when it was and it had a lot of memory but now it isn´t so much compared to the new ipods, cellphones and mp3. But I like that because when I get bored of some songs or a band I have to change it to make new space and Im always hearing new bands or new albums and that is good.
Right now I don't use it very much because my headphones are bad and I don´t have money to buy new ones.
If one of you want to give me a headphone it would be really nice.
Good Bye.